Business Email for Tradies

There are many ways to give your trades business a more professional appearance, and your email is an easy one to get right.

So many trade businesses are still using Hotmail, Gmail and other free email services. Whilst they work great, they look terrible…

Some trades we see are still using their personal email address from when they were 18. It might be for example. Or maybe they are using their business name, but it’s something like

No Second Chances for a First Impression…

Your email might be making more of an impression than you think…

Often these days email is one of the first forms of contact we make. Maybe one of your clients has given their friend your business card, and they decide to email you a quick enquiry about some work.

If they start typing in your email address as they’re immediately starting off by seeing you as less professional.

If they’re emailing it looks a little better, but maybe still not like a real business.

But if they’re emailing it’s clear straight away they they’re dealing with Peter from Smith Carpentry, and that it’s a genuine Australian business.

It just looks SO MUCH better using a proper email address. Ultimately, if you see yourself as a proper business, you should have a proper business email address.

How to get a Proper Email Address

You don’t have to be an IT nerd or tech-head to setup a proper business email address.

First up you need to register a domain name for your business. To do this you’ll need an ABN, but you should have this for your business anyway.

Follow the link to check out our guide on domain names for tradies.

Once you’re domain name is registered there are a few different ways to setup your email so that it’s working seamlessly across your desktop, laptop and mobile.

Sometimes the company you have registered your domain name through will have a free email service that you can easily setup.

Another option is Gmail for work, which is great for anyone who’s already been using Gmail and is familiar with the system.

Gmail for work allows you to use your business domain name instead of on the end of your email. It’s not free, but at $5 a month it’s a very good option. For your $5 you also get 30GB of cloud storage which should be very handy!

With Gmail for work (G Suite) and most other similar providers you can add and remove users at any time. So as your team grows you can add extra business email addresses with little effort.

Need Some Help?

Whilst the process for setting this up is fairly straightforward, we understand that not every tradie has the time or interest in doing it for themselves.

After all, your time is probably better spent on the tools or quoting new jobs. You know, the stuff that actually brings in the dollars!

We on the other hand love this stuff, and can quickly and cheaply get your business email account up and running.

We can also help to ensure your email is working properly and syncing across your devices.

For more information or to get a quote on us setting up your business email (including registering your domain name if required) please get in touch with us.